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The Chamber Angels recently completed distribution of wish list items to almost 450 underprivileged children in Southern Saratoga County. We couldn’t have done it without your very generous donation. Be assured you’ve helped put a big smile on the faces of these children and joy in their hearts.


Photo: From the Saratoga Room Collection at the Saratoga Springs Library, 1947    



"I’ve had a great first year of college thanks to your help. I received two academic awards for doing well this year. I’ve been active in the Ultimate Frisbee Club as well as AIAA, which is the aerospace society. I have now declared my major to be aerospace engineering. I have also joined a fraternity, where I have been able to take more leadership roles and have a bigger campus presence. Our main philanthropy is suicide prevention, but we also do many other community service events on and off-campus. Thank you so much for your contribution to my tuition. I am having an amazing time."
- Daniel

"Thank you so much for the college grant. It means so much to me that you are helping me continue my education, which brings me closer to my goal of becoming a district attorney."
- Miranda


"Our organization understands that there are many worthy charities in great need of funding from The Hawley Foundation. We are honored to be recognized as one of those charities. With the funds, we will do great things for the children we support. Their hopes, dreams, goals, and desires for community inclusion will be fueled with this community support.
- AIM Services, Inc.


“I love camp. It was so fun. I made a lot of friends and it was very sunny and I loved swimming with my friends that come to church!”
- (via The Salvation Army)

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to experience stepping out of my confidence level to attend the overnight Koubek Basketball camp. This sport has helped me step forward for socializing with my peers, making friends, how to form teammates and great sportsmanship, and a bigger outlook on respect of others – coaches, teammates, peers, refs, and just individuals, and I want to improve my skills as a player on and off the court, and to be a great teammate as well as an individual. This has been a long year for me and my family and I wish you knew how really grateful I am that you are helping me do this and allowing me to grow in a lot of ways.”
- Will

“Thank you for helping me go to teen camp. We got to have a sleepout. I have never done that before. We had s’mores. I loved that I made new friends. I hope I get to go back next year.”
- Emma (via The Salvation Army)

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to your foundation for providing funds to send kids to Camp Saradac this summer. My son received a 100$ paid-for registration. As a single working parent who is in school full time, I cannot express how much this means to us.”
- Erica

“Thank you for your support during the past year. The $225 was a godsend. Because of it, our teens were able to feel pride, confidence, success and joy as they “mastered” choreography created for a variable population.”
- Mary Anne Fantauzzi, Artistic Advisor of MOVE Dance, Dance Alliance president


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