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The Hawley Foundation provides a limited number of monetary awards each year, based on the needs of Saratoga Springs High School and Saratoga Central Catholic High School seniors who will be entering college or a vocational school. Interested students should contact their guidance counselors.


Quotes from College Incentive Awards Recipients

"All of my brothers and sisters have been impacted in some way by the generosity of the Hawley Foundation..."

"...thank you for the tremendous impact you’ve had on me and the rest of my family over the years."

"I am very grateful to receive the Hawley Foundation Grant..."

"I have been working since I was 16 and have been able to save up some money but... it is still not enough to pay for tuition... the Hawley Foundation’s grant has been very helpful... to help me get through college."

"...the Hawley Foundation has my eternal thanks for what it has done for me so far."

"Without the grant I may not have been able to take the classes I need to complete my degree..."

"I thank all (in The Hawley Foundation) who have had a hand in giving me the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to succeed and the opportunity to better my life."


The Hawley Foundation for Children is a private foundation governed by a Board of Directors.

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