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The Hawley Foundation for Children distributes another $3,450 for holiday gifts & winter clothing

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – The Hawley Foundation for Children is proud to announce that it has distributed another $3,450, totaling over $106,420 in 2011. Their mission is to promote the health, welfare and education of children in Saratoga County.

In particular, these organizations will receive:

$825 to The Saratoga Mentoring Program that will provide children in their program snow pants and appropriate footwear. They do not want the kids to miss school outdoor recess or be physically unprepared for the winter’s elements. Rather they want the kids to have fun, healthy, safe and enjoyable winter months. With the funding they will be able to fully outfit children with appropriate winter apparel.

credit:$875 to Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County to provide camp experiences for children DVRC serves in Saratoga County. They feel there is a significant need that is not covered by any other funding source, which are social programs during school break vacations. They believe that it is very important to have camp opportunities as it benefits them emotionally and socially while giving the parent the freedom to go to work or look for employment.

$875 to Saratoga County EOC that will fund holiday gifts for children they serve through the Head Start program.

$875 to Franklin Community Center, Inc. to provide children they serve through Project Lift so that no child goes without this holiday season. They are requesting assistance to provide clothes, gifts and/ or a holiday meal.

In 1888, Augusta P. Wiggins starting caring for some children who were orphans or were not well cared. She interested Saratogians in her project and in 1891 the institution was created. Methodist Minister Rev. Bostwick Hawley was elected as the first President. In the beginning, the children lived in different locations throughout the city. In November of 1904 the children moved into the Ludlow Street house, which was named The Hawley Home in honor of Rev. Hawley in 1906. At its peak, 34 children from Saratoga and Warren Counties resided there. It continued operating for 61 years, until August of 1965 when increasingly complex state regulations forced its closure.

From the sale of The Hawley Home, an endowment was created and The Hawley Foundation for Children was established. Since then, The Hawley Foundation for Children has been carrying on the tradition of assisting the neediest youth in Saratoga County, NY.



The Hawley Foundation for Children is a private foundation governed by a Board of Directors.

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